Dr. med. Martin Betge

Vasectomy (Male Sterilisation Operation)

A Vasectomy (separation of spermatic duct) is meaningful when the family planning is complete. You need to be very sure that you do not want to father another child.

The main advantage of a Vasectomy is that no other form of contraception needs to be used. This also means that the hormone exposure from the contraceptive pill for women (often over many years) ends after the Vasectomy.

The Vasectomy is one of the safest methods of contraception and is carried out in a small surgical procedure. The operation is carried out as an out-patient procedure, either under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. Two small incisions are made in the scrotum, thereby exposing the spermatic duct. A 1 – 3 cm piece of the spermatic duct is then removed from each testicle and the cut-ends knotted. Some ejaculation samples need to be given two months after the operation, in order to verify the successful separation.

This operation is not financially covered by the Health Insurance. The cost of this procedure is €300, if carried out under general anaesthetic a further charge of €200 arises. The procedure is carried out in the Out-Patients Operation Centre Dr. Krau in Ritterstraße.

No ejaculation after the Vasectomy?
Nonsense! You will hardly notice any difference, because only a minimale amount of semen-emission comes from the testicle. The most amount of semen comes from the prostate gland. Therefore, no differences will be sensed after the Vasectomy. The ejaculation amount and colour is the same after the procedure. Differences can only be seen under a microscope. Semen should not appear in ejaculation afterwards. This is of course the aim of the procedure.